Saturday, September 18, 2010

WTF September... Where Did You Go?


This month has been a whirl wind tornado of events and chainlike reactions. I've not only been neglectful to one of my deepest passions, but have managed to pull myself so far away from it that for the past few weeks I haven't had it in me to read, write or even really do much besides invest my time in another growing passion of mine; Reborns.

Without going into to much detail, as I'd like to take a nights break from my beloved little bubs and reconnect with an obsession of mine that has got me through some of the hardest times in my life. I would like to share with you the short list of books I am currently reading and where each bookmark sits at present, waiting to be shifted in the next week.

  1. A Child Against all Odds- Robert Winston – Page 65

  2. The Secret- Rhonda Bryne – Page 45

  3. Masquerade- Melissa De La Cruz – Page 20

So with less than ten days to at least finish one book on this list, I am dedicating the rest of this weekend to challenging myself and setting a short goal of reading at least 25-50 pages of each book by Sunday. Granted if I set to hard of a deadline on myself I will most likely fall into a rut, but this is achievable. I just have to put my babies down to rest and give myself a freak. After all I deserve it.


  1. Welcome back to us Blair! I look forward to hearing all about what you have read.... Best wishes

  2. Thank you Deb ;3 I am looking forward to getting into the reading mood again.