Monday, June 28, 2010

Blue Bloods- Melissa De La Cruz


Blue Bloods

Author: Melissa De La Cruz

Pages: 302

Published: Atom

Blue Bloods is a unique, sharp take on the tantalising thirst for vampire fiction.

Written by Melissa De La Cruz and aimed at young adults, this book can be easily enjoyed by teenagers and adults.

This daring taste of unique fiction brings you into the world of Schuyler Van Alen and her battle to protect her race – Blue Bloods, from a forbidden to talk about race of dangerous creatures who seek to consume and destroy Blue Blood Souls.

I found this book to be highly addictive and hard to put down. With it's short chapters and brief historical accounts from the diary of a woman stranded and fighting to protect herself and her colony, I was deeply enthralled from page one right though to the wonderfully handled ending at page 302.

While her characters, both diverse and challenging are a breath of fresh air in the way of fantasy fiction, there were some minor annoyances with the book that changed my rating from a five to a four.

If you can get past the constant change of character point of view and the confusion it creates, Blue Blood welcomes you into a world created and mastered beautifully. Melissa De La Cruz has captured a world full of judgement, friendship, society, death, fear and family to create something magical.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to branch out from the stereotypical and into the distinctive power of fantasy fiction that both challenges and excites us. Allowing that memorable journey into talented fiction.


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