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Voices on The Waves - Jessica Chambers Book Tour


Pages: 346

Published: September 30th 2010 by Red Rose Publishing

Formatt: Ebook


Recommendation and Rating: 3.5 Stars - Yes

Come along on a journey to Ireland, where even the rainy days are filled with passion and deceit, laughter and good food and where a provoking cast of characters come together to share their story at Trewalla, a country retreat owned and run by the lovely Faye Wakefield.

Voices on the Waves, kicks off with the promising story of Nine people who have won a contest to spend time at a retreat in the county. All come with baggage, and stories that is shared throughout the journey of the story.

While I enjoyed the introduction, the better half of the novel fell flat and really only picked up third ways into the book. Which by then, I found myself really enjoying the story and the characters for who they are. I think I appreciated it the more I read, for I understood the characters a lot better than I did in the first half of the book. My opinions of some stayed the same, while others changed as I grew more connected with them and their situations. To the point I nearly cried. [It takes a lot to make me nearly cry] Patrick’s story especially tore at my heartstrings.

I really disliked one of the male characters, who I would call a womaniser. It was one aspect of the novel that made me put it down for a few days, pressing my anger buttons and igniting debate when I was sharing the story with my partner. It’s not that I don’t understand there are men out there in the world, I have had my fair share of them, but it was the way the women reacted and behaved around him that made it impossible to enjoy the story. I like women who have back bone and while I could understand one characters motive to chase after him, the others annoyed me and lost credit to their personalities.

One character I really enjoyed and pushed forward with was Leah. While her story isn’t my own, I connected with her selfless personality and her willingness to be the one to stand up for herself when certain people tried to worm there way into her life. Bound with Will, her story was one of the reasons I kept reading. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Most of the cast were a little lacklustre for me and their dialogue just didn’t hold my interest. Most of the time the conversation was vague and forced and I found myself wanting to skip their parts in the story.

Voices on the Waves, was a novel that packed a lot of punches towards the end, but lacked a lot to begin with. While the story caught my attention, immediate dragging me into the world Jessica had created there were times when the events became monotonous – like the constant setting for eating and the characters behaviour and reactions became predictable. There were a few scenes that threw me totally of the high end and threw me back into the story, but it’s the little annoyances that made me put down the book for another.

I would recommend Voices on The Waves if you enjoy stories that share a lot of different character points of view and that intertwine together to bring you a full cast of diverse and provoking characters and life stories. Also if you are one for softer romances, I recommend you pick it up and give it a try.

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