Friday, May 6, 2011

Non-Fiction - Time to Write - Kelly L. Stone


Pages: 216

Published: 2008

Date Finished: 7th May 2011

Rating: Recommend- Yes

In Time to Write over 100 authors including one of my favourites – Christine Feehan, come together to share their experiences and tips on how to make time for your writing. With there no excuses approach, many authors coming from busy work and family lives show you that it is possible to write that novel you have always wanted to or submit to your favourite magazine. All you have to do is make the time to write.

I found this book to be productive and provoking. It had a hint of no-bullshit advice, and prompted me to think about my creative writing and even non-fiction writing more seriously. With helpful tips, humour and advice on about every topic a beginner and an advanced writer will approach as some time in their life/career; Time to Write is a brilliant reference tool to kick start your motivation and rekindle your Burning Desire to write regardless of life.

The main theme that runs throughout the book is a constant reminded that the authors you love did not get lucky. They did not write when they felt like it, but wrote because they had to, because they loved to and couldn’t think of anything more passionate and hardworking. In the end we are reminded that it’s through dedication, perseverance and writing even when you’d rather throw your computer/notebook out the window. And that the only way to finish a book and kick start your journey towards possible publication is to write.

With practical tips on how to construct and find the right schedule for you, this is a must read for any writer wanting to carve out time for their writing. Whether it be ten minutes at work or half an hour each day. Early morning while your family is sleeping or later afternoon, So long as you are dedicated [there’s that word again] to facing the page, you are well on your way to achieving your literary dreams or fulfilling your passions.


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