Friday, July 23, 2010

Upon The Midnight Clear -Sherrilyn Kenyon- Review


Upon The Midnight Clear

There are so many things I could say about Upon the Midnight clear. Both positive and negative. While most of the reviews this year have been books above three stars, sadly Upon the Midnight Clear falls below a three to two and a half stars.

I loved the book at first, with its large text, easy to read storyline and provoking character Aidan. To me, I wanted to crawl into a ball and rock myself along with his sadness. His opinions on the world and humanity resonated with me strongly, and although I have freed myself of such a determined opinion on society, I couldn't help but jump into his shoes and relive some of my own anger and pain while journeying through his.

Kenyon did a brilliant job at creating a fearless, headstrong character who anyone who has ever been abused, cheated on or damn right just been taken for a ride in the foul jealousy train will connect with his convictions on some level. As with Leta, whom which you find out has suffered at large even though she is a Goddess. These character traits question my decision for a three and a half star rating.

It is the execution of an intriguing plot that let this book down. I read the blurb on the back and was instantly hooked, but as the story unfolded everything began to read a little flat and what I had expected of the book was replaced with disappointment. I began to find it hard to see the characters in my mind and with sudden changes in some places of the book I found it hard to place in my mind what was happening.

In my opinion the book should have ended pages before it did and the ending was a let down. Far to generic. While I do love a good romance, I've read enough about happy endings and Merry Christmas and for once it would have been nice to see a character accept the end and move on as he seemed to be doing.

There were however, two parts in the novel that I wanted to share that I thought were brilliant.

“He had enough knives planted in his spine to make a stegosaurus envious.”- page 44

“Trust me, it's not the lies that hurt people. It's the willingness of everyone else to believe them.”- page 66

I am not out to hate this book and by all means I would love to hear opinions by anyone who has read this book. I would recommend it to fans of Kenyon and of the fantasy genre. I know a lot of people would probably enjoy this book, but I won't be seeking out any other books by Kenyon. At least not in the near future.



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