Monday, July 26, 2010

Bang the Keys- Jill Dearman- Book Review


Bang the keys was one of my favourite writing books and I have read a lot of books since I became serious about my writing when I turned Thirteen. There wasn't a dull moment and there were no exercises in the book that cannot be used over and over again like in some writing books that give you prompts to use.

Jill Dearman made each chapter enlightening, inspiring and addictive to keep reading on. I even grabbed out my journal and have been actively journalling more than once a week, rather than once a month; which is important to me.

Being stuck in a writing 'stump' due to life and it's many excuses, Bang the Keys has shown me some life altering practices that I can explore and experiment with every project I am working on. Whether it be an essay, short story, novel, novella or even a poem. I especially loved how simple the exercises where set out and that Jill didn't hold back from exploring the deeper sides of character and plot.

If you are starting to write as a hobby or even professionally I highly recommend getting your hands on Bang the Keys. It is a gem for any writer young or old and if you have an idea that has been nagging you, but you haven't the slightest idea how to start, or how to get to know your characters and plot more in depth, I can only speak for myself when I say I loved getting to know mine better and my writing has peaked once again.

I give Bang the Keys Five stars *****. I would be more than happy to hear any opinions regarding the book and if you would like more information on Jill Dearman here is a link to here site:


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