Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Varied Reading - What I am Reading Today...


Recently I came to a decision to read as many different genre's, authors and books as my brain can handle in my lifetime. A heavy reader of Y.A fiction and mostly Supernatural and Erotic based literature I wanted not only to rekindle my love for other area's of fiction, but try some new ones – Like Westerns and Christian Fiction. Although exclusively I am not a Christian and I don't really like the wild west, these are just two of the vast and wonderful area's of Fiction and Non-Fiction that are available at my fingertips to taste, to try, to love or to pass on and I want to share this experience with you.

However let's start at the beginning. Let's start with today and what I am currently reading [not including the big crate by my bedside table of books I am dipping in and out off- but the few select ones I am working my way through before the Bout of Books Read-a-thon]

I'm starting of at 37 page of The Art of Romance Writing- By Valerie Parv – which at present is about Characterisation. I just finished the chapters on Sensuality and Sex and Why Romance? Both which supplied fantastic information and inspiration. As a lover of Love, Lust and Sex I often struggle with writing Romance without it being horror filled. So I love to pick up books that can help me grow in a particular field and inspire strength in my writing. I also love that is is Australian published and if I like it enough I might even add it to my collection. So far it is great for those starting in the field and for avid readers and writers like myself who want gain skills and read about an authors journey.

Dipping into some Young Adult Contemporary I should be working my way towards finishing Girls Don't fly by Kristen Chandler. I am looking forward to seeing how it all wraps up in the end and am enjoying the characters progression as well as learning different things about birds and ecosystems. I feel a kindred spirit with Myra and her dependent family, but so far they haven't caused me to throw the book at the wall.


Then moving onto a different genre style for me – Historical Romance – with two books. The first is A Rogue by any other name by Sarah Maclean – which is finally heating up a little, and second is Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn – It was recommended I don't try this book as my first dive into Julia, but I like to make my own mind up and borrowed it from the library [it also being the only one my library had of Julia's books] so far 12 pages in and its a bit redundant, but I need to give it time and I will – hopefully by Monday [when the Julia Quinn author event is happening] I will know safely which one to venture with from there and I will know if Julia is the right fit for me.


Finally I conclude today's reading plans I will be reading my daily Devotionals on the site - The Touch Ministries and will read the passages for study from my Bible. I am not a Christian, but I am finding my way through the bible [one of my goals is to read it all] and really learning from the experience. Along with that I am part of an online Women's Bible Study group that is reading The Faith Dare – by Debbie Alsdorf [links will be below] and I am playing catch up with reading the kindle version of the book. I am about 16% in but so far I am taking notes and things are resonating deeply with me. I cannot wait to continue with my reading and study today.

As you can see that is a variety of genre's and topics that I am wildly reading and will continue to do so over the span of today and my reading lifetime. Please Join me tomorrow for another topic and I hope you are all well and I send lots of support and love to you all. - READ HAPPY.

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