Monday, January 28, 2013

Short Story Monday - Tag Team


 Short Story Monday's

Length: 7200 words
Published: August 29th 2011 by Nicola Marsh
Genre: Erotic / Short Story
Format: Kindle Ebook
Acquired: Amazon Freebie
Date Finished: January 28th 2013

A Victorian Police Special Ops team leader joins forces with an Australian Defence Force Tactical Assault Group expert who specializes in biological warfare to stop an imminent chemical threat.

When the threat becomes personal and the body count mounts, they find themselves locked in a safe room, where they discover their sizzling history takes little to ignite.

Quick thoughts:  Sexy and fast paced.  A fantastic duo. I loved it.

This short, fiery, erotic read was a fantastic way to spent a few minutes indulging in some fantasy’s while waiting the doctor’s office. Set in my own homeland, Australia and Melbourne none the less I dell straight into the story and really loved that this story had a great story behind the characters and wasn’t just Wham Bam porn.  The tension created was well paced and I found myself biting my lip one too many times. Coralle [or lee unless you want to be slapped with her pistol lol] and Fox were a great duo that bounced of each other and collided in delicious ways. Well worth the read, and a fantastic introduction to Nicola’s writing style which is fast, fun, sexy and leaves you sated and yet wanting more from her.

I am giving this:
Sexy Minutes of pleasure.

Five star rating is based on the short story format.


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