Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Imposter- Jean-Luc Cheri



Pages: 57
Published: February 25th 2012
Genre: Erotica
Format: Kindle Ebook
Acquired: Freebie of Amazon
Date Finished:

An erotic short story.

Mandy's stepbrother Brandon discovers her having cybersex with her online friend. Soon after, she meets a new guy online, but when she realizes it's her brother, checking up on her, she decides to put him to the test to see how far he's willing to go. How close will these step-siblings become, and will their online lust lead to real life passion?

WARNING: This story describes graphic and detailed sex between step-siblings, and some mild violence. If this type of thing bothers you, you should resist the urge to download it, even if it's free.

Quick Thoughts: Makes you think and is hot in the sheets.

Ah this brings me back to my youth. Not the sexy, caring older step brother, but the obsession I had with the internet and how it awakened me to the danger and reality of the real world and to the world of cyber sex which for good or bad taught me a lot about myself. So when totally I started reading Imposter I could totally relate to Mandy and her thoughts about the mysterious and delicious sexy Bobby who she has never seen and who lives over the other side of the world. I too had a special someone, and that temptation is strong. The short story starts off with Mandy cybering with her special pal. I was ready to throw the book at the wall with the use of terrible txt grammar but then I realized hey that is the culture and this is not meant to be a literary masterpiece. So with that I cast all thoughts aside and indulged in this story.

I am not sure that I would be so willing and in the mood after what happened to Mandy during the ending of the book. But the twist was fantastic and I really enjoyed the ending of this book despite staying awake until 3am just to find out what the hell was going to go down.

Overall this was a fast read that caught my attention and made me ask a lot of questions as well as reflect on my past and consider the present and the danger of the internet. I really liked that there was a message intertwined with this sweet erotic story and if you like to read something a little different than just porn then try this one for sure. It is free, so why not.

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