Saturday, November 6, 2010

Revelations Melissa De La Cruz # 3 - Blue Bloods - Book Review


Revelations is the third book in the Blue Bloods Series, one I have been anticipating to read since the moment I finished Masquerade [easily my favourite so far] While I have loved reading these books, Revelations fell a little flat for me.

I was expecting something on the larger scale of story progression. The story did evolve, but to me it felt more like in an in between book where unanswered questions were answered. There were many twists in the plot, ones I never saw coming which is probably why I continued to read regardless and make up my mind about the novel during the end.

Being honest, the beginning didn't draw me in like I was yearning for it to and although it was a quicker read, at 264 pages, in some parts the novel was strange in its pacing. However, I loved the tit-bits of repository informations scattered between chapters to break up the intensity that continues to enthral me with this series.

I love the way Melissa has incorporated heaven and hell, Angels and Demons into the mixture of what began as an elite vampire socialite series. I am looking forward to journeying forward into the world she has created and seeing where she takes the story, especially after Revelations.

In some parts of the novel I felt the characters shifting from their personalities, but they seemed to slip into them and redeem my frustration towards the end. I was rather distant from a lot of the main characters in this story and was more interested in the minor characters and their part in the overall plot of the story.

I've realised after reading Revelations that I am not a Jack Force fan and while Mimi can be a handful I actually enjoyed her part in this book more so than I imagined, as she usually makes me want to reach into the pages and slap her till her nose falls off.

I don't really care for the relationship between Schuyler and Jack. I understand and respect it, but I am more interested in the relationship between Oliver and Schuyler which is in jeopardy and am keen to see how that progresses in the future novels.

The ending scenes were reminiscent of Supernatural and the battle between light and dark – Lucifer and the Archangels. Unexpected turns in the story gave me that jolt that I must continue to read the series as soon as possible. I hope this time starting the next book won't be so slow reading.

For readers of the Blue Blood Series, I welcome you all to share your opinions on the first three books. While I did not enjoy this book as much as I hoped I would I still am going to read the next two books: The Van Allen Legacy and Misguided Angels as well as Keys to the Repository.

***.5 Stars


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