Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Musings- November 8th


What are your responses to this report? Does it match with what you’ve observed? With your own buying habits? When was the last time you bought a book? What did you buy and why?

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To be honest, I have been reading about the trends of books for some time and while I am not surprised on the hardback front I was surprised to see that even though people are buying ebooks/readers so many more people still love the hand copies of books [Paperbacks etc.]

I find it humorous somewhat, since I have recently brought myself an ebook and downloaded some non-fiction and fiction novels for it, yet even since buying it I still go down to my local bookshop and have purchased at least ten books.

The last book/s I brought were The Devouring my Simon Holt and Shopaholic Abroad by Sophia Kinsella [Really want to start reading her books] and at least 5 more books this week previous to today.


Because when I see a good book and it sounds good I buy it and I favour hand copies to electronic. There is something about A.) Book collecting-hoarding and B.) The feel of a book in my hands that an electronic device can and never will take away from me. Although I believe most of my book buying comes down to habit and fear that in a decade the price of books will be exorbitant and I won't have finished collecting the series I've started or the books I want to read.

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