Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Musings - Favorite Kind of Books?


Do you prefer hardcovers, trade paperbacks (the bigger ones), or mass market paperbacks (the smaller ones)? Why?

I love paperbacks. I adore everything about them. The way they open and bend, but not to much and that I can lay in bed and be able to hold it for a longer period without having my arms getting sore. I also love the feel of them in my hands, small or large. I especially like the large books because they are usually light in weight, have more pages and larger print.

I am not sure about mass market paper backs as my eyes are a little strained when I am reading smaller text, but I do love the feel of smaller paper backs and the convenience of being able to have them in my handbag is brilliant. I might however look at buying more, especially since my local second-hand bookshop sells a lot of them and they are quiet cheap and in great condition.

I tolerate hardbacks. I usually only ever buy hardbacks when I really want the book and don't want to wait or I see a random book that reads well on the blurb and decide to purchase it. If I buy hardback books I prefer them to be small enough for me to hold or fit in my bag and I give up on heavier books after a while.



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