Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The One Knight Collection - Samantha Holt


Pages: 67
Published: Amazon
Genre: Medieval/ Romance
Format: Kindle Ebook
Acquired: Kindle [Amazon]
Date Finished: 6th December 2012
You can find the link to purchase the book here: The One Knight Collection

The One Knight Collection - A collection of sensually erotic short stories

Novella length - approximately 25,000 words

If you had one night to prove your love...could you?

My thoughts when I found Samantha Holt

 My Thoughts on The One Knight Collection

What you ask, the universe will provide. This is a practice I am learning and one that was proven true when I set it out into the world that I wanted to find someone who wrote medieval romance books. A few days later while I was scrolling through this fantastic group I found a link to Samantha’s face book page and instantly exploded with joy to find my prayers had been answered.

As a taste tester, I usually like to dip into short works of an author’s fiction if possible so that I can get a nibble for what their writing style is like and whether or not I am keen to purchase any further books. I started with a lone story, not realizing that the series was a collaborative book in itself titled “The One Knight collection”. Despite already purchasing one, I decided to support the author for the small price of 2 dollars and grab myself the whole collection.

These fantastic, short, sensual delights were something fresh from the usual romance that I read and a delectable treat. Each one focuses on a different couple and a circumstance that will or has brought them together and how the man must prove to the lady that he is worthy of his love.  While I must say that the concept of each story was romantic and enjoyable, my main concern was honestly that they were too short. This came as a blessing and a curse because I wanted to see where that love came from, know it and fall in love, but since they were so short often at times I was getting into it and then it was over [I know they are supposed to me short stories- but I needed more] therefore it was a downfall. However in saying that I did enjoy them all, I think my favorite being Highland Knight [sexy times.]

I read this at a time when I don’t think I was quiet in the mood and was not affected by the sensual, sexual nature of the stories, but Samantha has a wonderful writing style that showcases flair of the era and a talent for sparking character interests. I am looking forward to dipping into more of Samantha’s work and am pleased to have found another author whose works are both affordable and fantastic to read.

I am giving this:
Sexy Knights

You can find Samantha here:

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  1. Hi Blair, thanks for your review and thanks so much for you kind words and honest opinions. I love your blog and look forward to following your posts in the future.