Saturday, April 28, 2012


Other than working at a job, what is your biggest interruption to reading? What takes you away from your book(s)?

I am the kind of reader who can either sit there for a long period of time, or get fidgety after about 10 pages. Over the past year, noticing my reading habits. I can read 30 pages max before I have to get up and walk away from the book. It could be for 5 minutes, or just to roll over and pat my cat and then I am good again to begin another 30 pages. It is through this I devised a little system in my head called the 25 marathons and damn it works. 

I don’t work and when I do volunteer I am working at a library which is a big distraction in itself. So that and the ever-growing pile of books from the library and from my own personal library, glaring at me and piling higher and higher is the biggest distraction. Why? Because I am always eagerly awaiting the next book. I get so damn freaking excited especially for new books that while I am reading I sometimes have to stop after 5 pages and center myself.

Youtube, Blogs, Amazon – Book stores … anything that takes reading time away from me. I am addicted to it though and love watching videos about books in general. I have been known to spend all day watching videos [and not reading a darn thing]

My other big distraction is food. I try not to get stuck into a book to close to any meal time. Because I love to cook and I love to prepare [sometimes to early] and even around snack time [though I am getting better at this] I tend to ditch everything else or bring it back to bed with me and distract myself by eating a bowl of fruit and sipping on some tea while reading a paragraph at a time. I have developed some bad habits around reading and eating that I need to break, but mostly I get distracted by tea and the smell of tea and the brewing pot that oozes relaxation and after a cup of two its time for a nap.

Image -  One of our older kittens - Gracie.


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