Thursday, December 29, 2011

Someday Angeline - Louis Sachar


Pages: 192

Published: March 31st 2007 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (first published May 1st 1983)

Genre: Middle Grade/ Contemporary

Date Finished: 30th December 2011

Rating/ Recommendation: Yes- I would recommend this book.


Nobody understands why Angeline is so smart. She could read the first time she picked up a book, she can play the piano without ever having had a lesson, and she even knows what the weather is going to be. But being smart is causing Angeline nothing but trouble. The mean kids in school call her a freak, her teacher finds her troublesome, and even her own father doesn't know what to do with an eight-year-old girl who seems to be a genius. Angeline doesn't want to be either a genius or a freak. She just wants the chance to be herself and be happy. But it's only when she makes friends with a boy the kids call "Goon" and the teacher they call "Mr. Bone" that Angeline gets that chance.


I think I was one of the very few people who didn’t read this book when I was a child, or if I did I haven’t got the memory of it. But when I was looking through my local library for something I could carry around with me when I needed something light to read I found Someday Angeline. I don’t know what I was expecting, but to begin with it read like a typical children’s story that was a little to juvenile foe me and I definitely wanted something more, and something more was what I got when I read Someday Angeline.

I really enjoy the story, although for the most part I wanted to punch the adults in the face. I cannot stand it when an adult feels inferior to a child and acts like a child, dumbing their intelligence and capabilities down just because they need to be the powerful one. Feel like a big man, or woman? I always ask and it pained me to see Angeline suffer so much at the hands and words of these people.

I enjoyed the quirky nature of this book and would recommend it for all children. It is a great story of perseverance and having faith in one’s self despite the odds. Definitely a great quick read if you come across it and if you do let me know your thoughts.


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