Friday, June 3, 2011

A Hot Cup of Tea & Some Revaluation Goals For the New Reading Year Ahead


First of all I would like to welcome all my new subscribers to my bookish blog. Never did I imagine ever coming across such a diverse and brilliant bunch of people. Since starting my reading challenge, YouTube and Blog Journey I have met so many book lovers and addicts whom comforted me with the open minded and welcoming hearts and brought me back to the fundamentals of who I am as a person [a book freak- and damn proud] Thank you all for showing me the light at the beginning of the bookcase and for sticking with me through the many months of absence and change of lifestyle.

Looking back I cannot even fathom that this time last year my reading book count was somewhere between 1-10 books a year. Now thanks to the many motivated and inspirational challenges online I have upped my reading count to 40 + books in 2011 and have almost reached that already in 2011 mid -year. So again, I want to thank all the amazing bloggers, challenge creators and channels who have provoked me to read books I haven’t even considered reading and whom have pushed me to my limits, time and time again to make time for one of my biggest passions.

New changes are part of the direction and life changes I am making for myself to better balance my free-time and appreciate it more, so while in the beginning and along the road I may have added a lot to my reading plate, it is time to revaluate where I am at with my reading and mix it up a little. One of my main changes is one of thought, instead of stressing so much about numbers or completing challenges I want to refocus my mind into the joy of reading, this is sure say I will not be reviewing/recommending books or completing challenges, but more directing my needs and looking at my over hoarded TBR bookshelf and managing a way to overcome the overwhelming.

The following challenges are ones I decided at the beginning of the year to tackle, but at which midpoint in the year I don’t either want to participate in or ones I haven’t even started yet.

· Ebook Challenge 2011- While I do read on my ebook, I don’t think I want to focus my attention on the challenge itself. I am more into physical books at present.

· I Want More 2011- Because I really don’t need more books [laughs] no, reason being that I don’t have a lot of books by the same author unless they are in a series and one rule is they can’t be a series.

· One Two Theme- I’m not into themes as such at the moment. I am a mood reader.

· Y.A Reading Challenge – Considering taking it off my list because it’s not really a challenge for me to read Y.A books, but will think about it further.

· Buy One Book and Read It – Ditto – Considering it.

· Twenty Eleven Challenge – Same reason as One Two Theme. Not into Themed challenges at current.

In the meantime I will be looking out for any blog that has a series challenge, for one of my goals this year [from June 1st 2011- June 1st 2012] is to tackle some of the series books that pretty much span across at least four shelves, not including the box-set of books I own as well. [Way to many series] not enough room on my shelves.

Other changes I am considering is a weekly update video, which would contain any books I have heard about that I want to buy and or read. Book Hauls, book topics and of course Single series books reviews as well as an overview of the series as a whole. Obviously is the series is still being written you will still get a single book review of each book. If anyone has any ideas about what they would like to see on my blog let me know. I am welcome to any suggestions.

I think that is about it for now- phew right. All I ask as a blogger is your understanding that at present my lifestyle is changing dramatically to suit both the growing working/education climate and for my own benefit, which will either a various points mean a hurricane of book reviews or very little, next to none. I have also considered adding to my weekly update or half week update some guest authors [if possible] mini-challenges [Like my previous ‘Something Challenge’] and other bloggers reviews ect. Well that is my hope.

Thank you guys for making it through this post, I love you all so very much and please feel free to drop me a line at – if you have any suggestions, bookish links, recommendations or can put me in the right direction for the before mentioned.

Love and lots of reading,

Blair xxxoxox


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