Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monthly Recap - February 2011


Monthly Progress – February

February in a glance has been one hell of a roller-coaster ride and usually is.

This time last year I had been planning on moving and had been given Avalon [my first pet] and my, how she has grown. One year from now and she has had two litters of her own – the second being today.

However this is not entirely a post about my beautiful family, but my reading habits for this month. While this time last year I think I was sitting on about 5 books, maybe even less than that, I currently am sitting on 14 books read so far this year.

While my reading challenge list is slowly crawling, my buying books and ordering has become insane with a total of books purchased either online or through local bookstores and charity, I am beginning to wonder whether or not it is time to hold back on my spending and get stuck into some books – keeping others on the backburner [or my wishlist] until I have made an impact on my TBR shelf.

Books Read In February:

1. The Devouring- Simon Holt - 5 Stars

2. By The Time You Read This – Lola Jaye- 4.5 Stars

3. How To Get Ideas – Jack Foster & Larry Corby- 4.5 Stars

4. Teach Yourself Creative Writing- Stephen May- 4 Stars

5. 121 Days Of Urban Sodom – Jacqueline Phillips – 2 Stars

Challenge Progress 2011 – February

I read 3 library Books [ Non-Fiction] and 3 [Fiction] Books. Two were pre-dating my buying spree of 2011 and The Devouring was added into January’s ‘Challenge Progress’.

I have decided I am only going to update the amount of books I have read for each challenge during the month and when I have finished I will give you my full progress: example Ebook challenge 12/12 Finished


Ebook Challenge – 0

Chick Lit Challenge- 1

I Want More- 0

Off The Shelf- 2

Horror and Urban Fantasy – 0

Buy One Book & Read It Challenge – 0

Twenty Eleven Challenge - 1

Books I Have Brought:

1. Violence 101- Denis Wright

2. Freak Show- James st. James

3. While You Were Dreaming- Lola Jaye

4. Wicked Lovely- Melissa Marr

5. The Pissed Of Parents Club – Mink Elliot

6. The Betrayal Of Natalie Hargrove – Lauren Kate

7. Across The Universe – Beth Revis

8. A Course in Weight Loss: 21 spiritual lessons for surrendering your weight forever- Marianne Williamson

9. You Against Me- Jenny Downham

10. Tan Lines – J.J Salem

11. The Card Turner – Louis Sacher

12. Once In A Full Moon- Ellen Schrieber

13. Mercy- Rebecca Lim

14. My Dating Diary Disasters – Liz Retting

15. Pretty Little Liars- Sarah Sheppard

16. The Inner Gentleman – Allie Kincard

17. Days Like These- Virginia Durgan

18. The Scorpion’s Sweet Venom – Bruna .S

19. The Bigamist – Mary Turner Thomson

20. Turing Life Into Fiction – Robin Hemley

21. Screenwriting 434 – Lew Hunter

22. Manuscript Makeover – Elizabeth Lyon

23. Room To Write- Bonni Goldberg

24. The Screenwriters Workbook- Syd Field

25. Nightshade- Andrea Cremer

26. Good Frog Hunting- Laurie Graff

27. Siggy & Amber – Doug Macleod

28. Going Home- Daniel Steel

29. Anna & The French Kiss – Stephenie Perkins

30. Before I fall- Lauren Oliver

31. Past Midnight – Mara Purnhagen

32. Heretic- Sarah Singleton

33. Century – Sarah Singleton

34. Sacrifice – Sarah Singleton

35. Suicide Blonde – Darcy Steinke

36. The Diary Of Anne Frank – The Definitive Edition

37. The Footsteps Of Anne Frank- Ernest Schnabel

38. So Yesterday – Scott Westerfeild

39. My Unknown Child- Noreen Riols

40. Jacoby’s Game – Alison Prince

41. Firmin- Sam Savage

42. Checkers – John Marsden

43. A Night Without Armour- Jewel

44. You Have To Kiss A Lot Of Frogs- Laurie Graff

45. Confessions Of A Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella

46. Secrets – Freya North

47. Forbidden- Tabitha Sazuma

48. Revenge Of The Spellmens – Liza Lutz


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