Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Writing Book Review : Creative Journal Writing- Stephanie Dowrick


Pages: 259
Published: 2007
Date Finished: 19 January 2011
Rating: 4 stars

If you are interested in starting a journal or already know the love and passion that comes from writing one, I recommend picking up Stephanie Dowrick’s non-fiction book ‘Creative Journal Writing- the art and heart of reflection.’

Each section is divided into smaller chapters that are not only easy to devour, but are inspirational and loaded with exercises, tips, prompts and stories from Stephanie and other Journal writers from all walks of life.

You will never have nothing to write about after reading this insightful book [there is even a topic about writing and exploring nothing] and I’m guaranteed that you will take at least one helpful exercise from Stephanie’s suggestions to kick start or provoke your journal writing habits into a healthy way to communicate with your inner self.

With plenty of quotes, it was easy to relate to the joy and curiosity that comes from the mind and onto the blank page and I found myself unable to contain the desire to write with each passing page. This book is definitely one for the bookshelf. A valuable reference book and a treasure chest of future muse.


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