Monday, June 28, 2010

The Book of Joe- Jonathan Tropper


The Book of Joe

The book of Joe is a stunning novel that gripped me from the first sentence, and brought tears to my eyes with the ending.

Written in an almost journalistic style, the story of Joe Goffman, a best-selling novelist who heads back to his home town of Bush Falls, is not one for those with a distinct need for a fairytale ending.

Throughout the book we share Joe's journey back to a town he never called home, and discover we are not alone in the world of dysfunctional families and forgotten childhoods. Along with Joe's afflictions the novel deals with a diverse range of issues. Some of the major issues explored are homosexuality, aids, suicide and death. Along with marriage, friendship, betrayal and revenge.

I myself, felt compelled to keep turning the pages, as Joe's already unsteady life unravelled to drastic proportions, taking twists and turns that I had not seen coming. I believe Jonathan Tropper has created a complex man, who provokes us to continue reading to the end, hungering the need to know if Joe survives his ordeals.

What makes The Book of Joe so enthralling is Troppers use of pacing, and his unique style that presents his talent as the novel progresses. As a newbie to Troppers novels, I am looking forward to exploring his other works, as I was deeply impressed with The Book of Joe.

With wild characters to fall in love,cry, laugh and cringe with. The Book of Joe is more than just a another Traditional homecoming story.

***** {Favorite}

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